Oil and Gas

Revolutionize your energy operations with our cutting-edge oil and gas services. From efficient drilling solutions to advanced reservoir management, we deliver tailored services to enhance productivity and sustainability. Partner with us for innovation that powers the future of the energy industry.

Wireline Services

 With our team of experienced professionals, we are able to bring top notch well logging operation services in Open Hole and Cased Hole to our clients.

Open Hole Wireline

  • Gamma-Ray Surveys
  • Petrophysics, Formation Evaluation
  • Pipe Recovery services

Cased Hole Wireline

We are available to work with clients to facilitate the best course of action for varied plans, on all types of cased hole jobs.

  • Production Logging Services
  • Reservoir Saturation Measurements
  • Cement Bond Log (SBL)
  • Full Waveform Acoustic Log
  • Multi Finger Caliper
  • Pipe Recovery Services

Digital Slickline Services

Danutech’s Digitally Enabled Slickline combines the versatility and efficiency of traditional slickline with the real-time data streaming capability of electric line.

Digital slickline activities using digital slickline (fibre optics) increases equipment, logistic support efficiency in all operations, reduces time and trips, increases access of advanced diagnostics and reduction in deferred production.

Digital data telemetry provides real-time two-way communication and standard slickline compatible. The depth correlation capabilities of this digital services confirm that operations are on depth and provide the exact position of the downhole tool at all times.

Our digital slickline services enable performing a wider range of slickline activities with control and certainty such as;

  • mechanical services, with accurate depth and tool status,
  • explosive free, hydraulically set plug and retainer services
  • non elastomeric sealing, for standard or monobore completions
  • perforate, punch and pipe recovery services with depth precision
  • comprehensive production logging with real time measurement and depth control.

Slickline Services

 Danutech OFS offers various types of downhole tools that provide an array of functions in slickline with capabilities for the fishing and swabbing needs of our clients. Some of our Slickline Services Include:

  • Pulling & setting of Subsurface Safety Devices
  • Tubing Guage, sample bailers and downhole gauges
  • Plug setting and retrieval
  • Fishing

Drilling Services

Danutech OFS can provide a wide range of offshore solutions in drilling and logging with detailed measurement and intervention. Through our in-house experienced engineers, we are able to provide drilling and logging services in:

  • Dump Iron
  • Drilling Bits
  • Steerable Motors
  • Drilling Stabilizers
  • Non-Magnetic Drill Collars
  • Bent Subs
  • Equipment Rentals

Gyro Services

Danutech OFS is equipped to provide complete line of gyro survey services using modern memory tools for the survey of complex boreholes drilled in any direction (vertical, horizontal, inclined, upward). Danutech OFS, has the best option for achieving accurate surveys without magnetic interference in nearby well casing.

The Gyro-Services at Danutech OFS specializes in high quality borehole surveying using memory gyro systems (MEMS-based gyro tools), solid state technology, and Real-time gyro systems reporting to provide precise mapping of drilled holes for directional drilling as well as surveying of underground pipelines.

  • Gyro Directional Surveying
  • Complete Gyro Servicing

 Rental Tools Service

Danutech OFS provides equipment rentals solutions to the oil and gas industry. These include: Wireline and Slickline Pressure Control Equipment, Pipe Recovery And Drill Pipe Cutting Tools, Flowback Systems For Well Testing, Wireline Jars, DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Cargo Baskets And Containers, Air Compressors, Stabilizers, Dump Iron, Drill Collars, Wash Pipe, Lifting Subs, Wireline and Slickline Roller Buggies And Air Compressor rentals.

Well Testing Services (Surface Well Testing)

Danutech OFS’s surface well testing enables key production measurements such as flow rate, fluid properties and composition, pressure and temperature at live well conditions. We provide expertise and surface well test equipment such as Surface Flowback Systems, Early Production Facilities (EPF) and Fluid Handling for the acquisition of the reservoir’s data. 

Danutech OFS’s Well Test Equipment are safe for operations, complying with HSE requirements, effective and accurate in the reservoir data acquisition.

Manpower Services

Danutech OFS provides valuable and highly qualified Manpower and Supporting Services to help our clients focus on their core business and what matters for business success.  Whether you are searching for a permanent, part-time or temporary managerial/administrative staff, highly qualified field personnel (engineers/Technicians) or supervisors for specific projects, or unskilled workers, Danutech OFS will assist and ensure to match the right candidates to the right roles with all the governmental procedures and pre-deployment arrangements satisfied.

 We are fully equipped to provide the following manpower and support services:

  • Qualified Manpower
  • Local purchasing support